Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Produce

Eating food that grows naturally during the season and is grown locally not only saves the earth by not requiring more energy to grow and transport, but also tastes a lot better. I bought some juicy ripe cherries and strawberries yesterday at Rainbow Grocery. There is nothing like eating fruit that was picked ripe.

Here are several guides to summer's produce:

CUESA: Vegetable Calendar (there are links to the season's fruit, nuts, flowers, plants, meats and cheeses as well)

Food Network: Summer Fruit & Veggies

Epicurious: Seasonal Ingredient Map (find seasonal produce by month and by state)

KQED: What's in Season? (seasonal guide that shows newly in season, peak season and winding down)


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MGordy said...

Hi! I have also referenced the 'KQED: what's in season?' but am noticing that its not available anymore. have you noticed this? I would love to find it again, it was an amazing reference!

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