Friday, February 02, 2007

Victims and Survivors

I'm glad to announce that my garden is recovering from last month's erratic weather. The unexpected rains and uncommon heat were too much for my tomato seedlings and cauliflower, but my greens, surprisingly, survived. The past two weeks I harvested mustard greens, bok choy and romaine lettuce. I've actually been having a steady supply of salad greens since I decided to leave them in the propagation house/greenhouse to grow. This month's harvest of lettuce had a normal appearance, unlike last month's and the months before when the lettuce seedlings core grew into a stem which gave the plants an alien appearance. It was still delicious though and didn't stop me from making my salads.

Growing one's own vegetables certainly gives one a first hand look at Climate Change. I was certainly brutally aware of the unusual weather's effects. November thru February are usually the cool-dry months of the year. So it was quite disturbing when the heat reached 90 degrees F and at the same time storms were still brewing way past their season. On the BBC's environmental report today, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has concluded, with 90% accuracy, that Climate Change is caused by humans. Despite scientists persistent declarations of the reality of Climate Change it seems that the US government is consistently politicizing scientific reports on the matter (The US is the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the world and is the only first world country that hasn't agreed to the Kyoto Protocol), according to The Union of Concerned Scientists. Because of this, the world is having a hard time controlling or reversing Climate Change. The greatest fear is that sea levels are rising which is causing havoc to climates all over the world. It is quite scary. Especially when it is causing damage to our food supply.