Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hiking in Marin Headlands

Gorgeous scenery. We hiked through winding, steep hills and valleys starting from the Miwok trail off Bunker Road, on through Wolf Ridge, up the coastal trail, on to Green Gulch where we ended our hike. We ate a late lunch at Pelican Inn. Afterwards, most of the group continued hiking a loop back to Bunker Road. I was exhausted, this being my first high elevation hike. I made it though and I would do it again.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hiking Hayward's Shoreline Regional Trail

Hiking the Shoreline Trail was a truly pleasant experience. I languidly walked the 7-mile trail, taking it all in, stopping many times to observe the hazy colors of the landscape. We started out at 10am which is the perfect time to take pictures on a sunny day. The warm breeze tickled my face as I started out briskly following the 30 some group. Not very long afterwards, about 3-minutes into the hike actually, I fell behind barely hearing the distant chatter of my group. I couldn't help having to take a slow walk from that point on as I gazed at the splash of earthy colors surrounding me. I felt warm and fuzzy. Later on we crossed two bridges. One long rustic wooden bridge with fading blue-green paint and one art deco (?) metal bridge. I don't know what it is about bridges that fascinate me. Especially old rustic ones. The trail led us through mud flats, salt marshes and grasslands usually abundant with birds. Early morning was a peaceful, languid landscape. Caught two birds snoozing in the sun. As we walked back in the early afternoon, the tide was low and birds were all around feeding on the tiny creatures in the mud. Bikers, joggers, more hikers, fishermen and children dotted the scene. We walked approximately 3 miles of the 7-mile trail. I'm thinking of moving to Hayward.

The Shoreline is one of very few areas in SF bay remaining that are protected. As a consequence these protected areas have become a haven for common and endangered birds.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Produce

Eating food that grows naturally during the season and is grown locally not only saves the earth by not requiring more energy to grow and transport, but also tastes a lot better. I bought some juicy ripe cherries and strawberries yesterday at Rainbow Grocery. There is nothing like eating fruit that was picked ripe.

Here are several guides to summer's produce:

CUESA: Vegetable Calendar (there are links to the season's fruit, nuts, flowers, plants, meats and cheeses as well)

Food Network: Summer Fruit & Veggies

Epicurious: Seasonal Ingredient Map (find seasonal produce by month and by state)

KQED: What's in Season? (seasonal guide that shows newly in season, peak season and winding down)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

SF Farmer's Markets

The New York Times' Escapes section featured San Francisco farmer's markets, I had no idea there were that many, four to be exact. I sometimes go to the Ferry Plaza especially when fresh beans are available. I bought 5 pounds of fresh lima beans for $9 the last time I was there. Lima beans are a pain to prepare but really worth it in the end if you make a big batch. I fully intend to explore these markets as soon as I finish with school, which is a week from now. Here's the schedule:

Saturdays - Alemany Market on Alemany Blvd. (6am-5pm)
Wednesdays (7am-5:30pm) & Sundays (7am-5pm) - The Heart of the City Farmer's Market at the Civic Center
Thursdays - Crocker Galleria Market (11am-3pm)
Saturdays (8am-2pm) & Tuesdays (10am-2pm) - Ferry Plaza Market

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Climate Change Short-Film

Together, National Geographic, the IPCC, the UN and the UN Foundation produced a new short film outlining the facts, showing the impacts and providing a way forward in combating catastrophic climate change.