Friday, November 09, 2007

IPCC & World Governments Will Meet On Climate Change Issues

The UN climate panel will meet with 130 governments in Valencia, Spain next week. The panel will seek tougher measures from countries, especially the US and China, in curbing climate change. There is no doubt as to the cause of climate change and to the solutions that need to be applied. According to the scientists, climate change can still be averted with tougher measures.
"There is no reason to question the science any longer," said Achim Steiner, head of the U.N. Environment Programme, who said states should act "in the collective interest of humanity."
The fear of environmentalists is that pressure from some governments might water down the conclusion of the IPCC 20-page summary for policy makers in order to stall action.

full story: UN Climate Panel to Meet, Add Pressure for Action

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