Friday, August 24, 2007

Hello SF!

I am all settled in beautiful San Francisco and truly enjoying this wonderful city. My arrival on the other hand wasn’t so pleasant… I arrived on Aug. 14 at eight in the evening and got home at 10 pm because I was sent to the Homeland Security room. Why why why??? What took up most of my time there was the waiting, and then I was asked some incredibly inane questions that took all of three minutes. I have absolutely no idea why they called me in and I had no intention of prolonging my stay at the airport by demanding to know the reasons why I was directed to them. I’ve been coming to SF for the past twenty years and staying in the same apartment. Whatever reasons they may have, it’s insane. And to top it all, when I got home to the apartment my keys didn’t work because, apparently, the locks were changed a year ago and no one bothered to tell me. Luckily my neighbors, the Ziegler’s, were awake and let me in. Still none of that could bring me down. I was glad to be in SF and that was the last of my bad luck.

The next day I cleaned up the apartment and shopped for my necessities. The first place I went to was Whole Foods and I bought some of the things I love about SF – unpasteurized raw milk, artisan bread, miso mayo, soup in a carton (wasn’t to good, but very convenient), salmon smoked in ginger and tea, sliced turkey with bits of chipotle pepper, parma ham, some very fresh veggies and Odwalla juices. I think I have enough food for two weeks.

The weather is perfect and everything is working out smoothly. It took me some time to decide what laptop to get and to order internet access. I finally decided on a MacBook, I love it! My PC in Manila was giving me to much trouble, which is one of the reasons I hardly updated my blogs. Well, that all changes now…

As for my garden/farm, I left it as is and told the remaining farmers they could plant their own produce and sell it on their own. In return they are caretakers of my property. Before I left, Mario planted corn and I got a batch of delicious sweet corn in time for my Bon Voyage party. I had to leave my pets, who will be well taken care of, at my apartment with my helper. I miss them terribly. Thank god my cousin will be moving in with her fiancé in a couple of months. Hopefully they have a happy home life once again. My Mom and sister Marta took me to the airport, lots of hugs all around.

Open-faced Smoked Salmon Sandwich

a slice of Italian rustic bread
miso mayonnaise or plain mayo
mixed clover & radish sprouts
smoked wild salmon

Spread mayo on lightly toasted bread. Top with sprouts and smoked salmon. Delish.

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