Monday, June 26, 2006

Mixology Monday IV: Apéritif

I know this is a food blog but I couldn't resist joining Mixology Monday, hosted by Jimmy Patrick of Jimmy's Cocktail Hour. Besides, whoever heard of eating without drinking?

The theme for this event is aperitif.

First impressions last longest. The downbeat of the conductor's baton, the first step in a tango, the opening words in a flirtation these initial moves can make or break.

William Grimes of the New York Times couldn’t have said it better when describing the role of the aperitif when entertaining. Although I wouldn't go so far as to say it would make or break your dinner party. It's a pleasant way to start the evening. Your choice of having before dinner drinks sets the tone and mood whether its a casual get-together or a more formal soiree. Serving an aperitif when guests arrive is an invitation to an enjoyably long evening.

To start the evening in a festive mood, my aperitif of choice is Cava, a Spanish sparkling wine that can be served with an assortment of tapas. Cava is made in the tradional way, the same method of making sparkling wine as Champagne. My favorite is the semiseco Oro Rondel Cava. It goes with almost anything you serve - vegetable sticks, strong and mild cheeses, spicy shrimp, parma ham or Chinese dumplings. Cava is also light enough for you to enjoy more than one glass, but don't get carried away there's still dinner to consume.


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