Saturday, March 25, 2006

Master Cleanse

I started the Lemonade Diet today. For those not in the know, the diet is actually a detox cleanse that thoroughly removes toxins from your system. Feeling great and healthy are the after effects of the cleanse, not to mention loosing about 10 pounds if one is overweight. The diet/cleanse calls for organic ingredients. You'll need non-iodized sea salt, lemons, maple syrup, cayenne, filtered water and a laxative tea. Thank goodness for the organic lemons and non-iodized sea salt available at the Organic Market. I was able to find organic Maple syrup at Rustan's Supermarket. The original recipe for the Master Cleanse Lemonade called for organic sugarcane juice which was what I wanted to use. The only source I had for organic sugarcane juice had just sold all their canes so I had to get the Maple syrup. The Master Cleanse is a detox cleansing program where no solid food is eaten for a minimum of 10 days (click title for detailed info). Lemonade with a dash of cayenne is packed with nutrients and, apparently, will sustain you for 40 days if you wanted to go that far. The Cleanse will remove toxins from your body, in the process removing all symptoms of decease and sickness. It promises no lose of energy and no hunger pangs. Although this diet can be done with regular supermarket ingredients, its advisable to use organic ingredients.

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