Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gaia's Garden Produce FAIL

I just left my farmer, Ador, at the Organic Market to sneak a few hours more of sleep but now that I'm home I'm wide awake. So here I am blogging away.

I'm selling mostly herbs this time as my tomatoes, eggplant and peppers were a failure. I fired my consultant, or rather I will as soon as he finishes fixing my water pump, which should have been done weeks ago, hence the crop failure. I took all my seeds back. What was left of it. Apparently, half the seeds I had with him he seeded and was also a failure. Then he tells me he is making my farm his priority. What is he talking about?? NOW its a priority?? Good riddance.

We seem to be doing much better without him. I had the rest of my seeds planted and most are sprouting healthily. So for the meantime I have a whole bunch of herbs to offer at the Market.

purple basil
Italian parsley
curly parsley
Shinjuku chrysanthemum leaves
cherry tomatoes

These greens look gorgeous! If I do say so myself...


jethernandez said...

Hi macky,

You've got an interesting blog here. Just browsed through your previous posts... and you're having problems with your staff. hehehe... same old shit. I dunno how in the hell these guys think. Problema kasi minsan sa production sa medyo malaking farm are the brains of your staff. Slightly used... di mo malaman kung may logic... kelangan kalugin mo muna... grrrrrrr.

I'm doing the same shit on small scale. mahirap na mag invest ng malaki pag di mo pa gamay ang production, marketing and post harvest operations...

Macky said...

Hi Jet,
My first comment from someone not related to me! Your right, sometimes I don't know what these people are thinking. But since I've started I've had enough to time to research and make contacts that have been very valuable to me in creating a sustainable and organic garden. I, too, am doing this in a small scale to start with. Keep up the good work and keep on reading - you might get some good ideas in organic farming from my blog.

jethernandez said...

Hi there macky,

I really got good infos from your blog. I'm still at the limbo of whether or not blogging my newly found passion. the problem is I do all the processes. I have one blog but it's not related to gardening more on politics and sattire.

I'd like to focus my organic learning on herbs... same as you are I LOVE TO COOK MY OWN FOOD.

Gardening gives me a sense of fulfilment... guess you know this feeling. It may be small in the eyes of someone who's not into the same thing pero wow... it's worth your time and money.

Simple lang naman e... if you plant at least 5 edible crops a day, in pots or in plots... you'd never go hungry. Dahil sa cyberspace it has broken the barrier of distance... made all information and other leads available to us... Some are digestible and some are not pero point is it's there for us to pick up and the process has to start somewhere. AMEN. hehehehe.

Ciao and more power madame macky.

Thanks for sharing.