Friday, October 14, 2005

Gaia's Garden

Have I been gone for 2 months already? I have been reading up on organic farming and marketing, not to mention actual visits to my lovely garden. I will start to regularly post and treat this site more like a farm journal. I am learning more and more about organic farming and would like to pass this on to whomever might find this useful or simply for a good read or anecdote. As soon as I get my new gas range, I will also start posting more recipes.

My farm is looking nice with neat rows of vegetable beds and terraces. Here are before & after photos

For harvest in November:


Salad Greens:
Sylvetta Arugula
Bau Sin Mustard
Mizuna Mustard
Rosette Green Tatsoi
Bronze Arrow Lettuce

Potted Herbs:

I will have a stand in the Organic Market at the Legaspi Park on Sundays starting Nov 6. It’s called Gaia’s Garden and this is what my flyers will say:

Gaia’s Garden is an organic kitchen garden located in Antipolo. We grow gourmet vegetables, fruits and herbs. The variety of produce we have are specifically chosen for their flavor and nutritional value. Gaia’s Garden is organized using sustainable, environmental and organic principles.

All my seed orders arrived a week ago and we will start germinating next week. I should have a new batch of fruits and vegetables available in January! In the meantime its freshly-picked edamame and salad greens every week at the market. I’m trying to organize a mid-week delivery for those who want fresh vegetables during the weekday. But one step at a time. I still have so much to do for the market!


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