Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Plot of Land

Hello everyone! I've decided to journal my journey in organic farming and post recipes I come up with using the fresh produce grown on my garden. At the moment my plot of land is full of wild plants. Not for long. In a weeks time, clearing of my 500 sqm plot will take place in order to make way for my organic fruit and vegetable garden. At the moment there are three mango trees, giant sunflowers, bamboo and lots of other grasses covering the entire area. I will be keeping the three mentioned plants and any other beneficial plants we might find. By we I mean Renato, my farm manager. He specializes in organic farming and has a degree in Soil Science. He will be doing the farming and I'll be cooking.

My plot is on an incline with a creek at the bottom, its quite lovely. Because of this we are careful not to strip the land completely leaving it vulnerable to erosion especially during monsoon season. The trees and bamboo are essential in preventing erosion. The bamboo we plan to transplant to the perimeter of the creek and against the property's fence.

Most of what I'll be planting will be gourmet vegetables. This idea came to me out of frustration on the dismal supply of fresh fruits and vegetables in groceries around Manila. I felt I needed more variety.

Here is a sample of what I'll be planting:
4 varieties of sweet peppers
8 varieties of beans
5 varieties of squash
14 varieties of tomatoes
5 varieties of eggplant
5 varieties of potatoes
3 varieties of carrots

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